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23 Investor Traps Revealed

How our own instincts could trip us up when it comes to Property Investment.

Confirmation, Anchoring and Awareness bias

Overconfidence and Pessimism

Success is not a miracle. Nor is it a matter of luck.

Michael Yardney


Michael has been voted Australia’s leading property investment adviser by readers of Your Investment Property magazine. He is Australia’s most published property author, but he is not a theorist… Michael is a successful property investor and property developer and, as a director of Metropole Property Investment Strategists, leads a team of property professionals who help their clients create wealth through strategic property investment.

About the author

Learn about our subconscious behaviours, how they can lead us astray, and how they can be overcome to become a successful property investor.

In This eBook You Will Learn

The Compulsion to act, to resist, to procrastinate

Overactive pattern recognition: Clustering illusion

Wilful ignorance: The Ostrich Effect

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Clearly success doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a result of all the choices you make – the things you chose to do and the things you chose not to do.

This is not a theory… Michael Yardney personally mentored over 2,000 successful people over the last decade, and this Ebook is the result of his practical research.

Hindsight and post-purchase dissonance

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